Guided Pathways Services (GPS) Cross-Functional Committee

GPS Cross-functional Committee Members 


Appointed by

Member Name


Co-chair Academic Senate (AS) President or Designee Van Rider

Co-chair VP of Academic Affairs or Designee Duane Rumsey
Ex-officio Superintendent/President Edward Knudson
Ex-officio VP of Student Services Erin Vines
Member Academic Affairs  Rocio Heasley
Member AS: Non-Instructional Faculty Audrey Moore
Member AS: Instructional Faculty Kristine Oliveira
Member AS: CTE Faculty Kathy Osburn
Member AS: Counseling Faculty Jessica Eaton
Member AS: Adjunct Faculty Nate Dillon
Member ASO: Student Michelle Arvizu
Member Classified: Student Services Wade Saari
Member Classified: Academic Affairs Vacant  
Member CMSA - General Diana Keelen
Member CMSA - Student Services Michelle Hernandez
Member Institutional Research - Dean of IERP or Designee Joseph Baumann
Member GPS Technology Vacant  
Member GPS Academic Progress Vacant  
Member GPS Meta-major Development Vacant  
Member GPS Student Support Services Vacant  
Member GPS Communications and Outreach Vacant  



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Last updated: April 10, 2019