Career Technical Education: Management

The AVC Management program consists of a comprehensive series of courses that provide a foundation in management principles, practices, and organizational structure.  It will uniquely qualify students to successfully tackle the challenges facing managers in today's business environment. 
Emphasis will be placed on learning the newest management techniques and applying those skills to an increasingly competitive, technology-driven global market.  Hands-on application of these skills is practiced in teamwork settings and case-study analyses of modern-day businesses.

By supplementing management classes with business, accounting and computer courses, students learn broad-based concepts and skills relevant to all organizations.  The program is aimed at the evening student, yet offers the convenience of both day and evening courses, as well as online courses.

The college offers certificate and associate degree programs in management and small business management.  After graduation, many students elect to continue their education at four-year institutions.  Many others go directly to management positions in the corporate world or start their own businesses.

Last updated: September 26, 2016