Commonly Used Acronyms

Acronym   Phrase
A&R   Admission & Records (Enrollment Services) 
AA   Academic Affairs
AA   Associate in Arts Degree
AB   Assembly Bill
ACCJC   Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
AHUM   Arts & Humanities 
AP   Accounts Payable
AP   Administrative Policy
AR   Accounts Receivable
AS   Associate in Science Degree
ASI   Architect Supplemental Instruction
AUX   Auxiliary
AVC   Antelope Valley College
AVCCD   Antelope Valley Community College District
BOT   Board of Trustees
BP   Board Policy
BSA   Business Services Area
C/O   Change Order
CBO   Chief Business Officer (aka Executive Director of Business Services)
CCC   California Community Colleges
CCD   Construction Change Directive
CM   Construction Manager
CMAS   California Multiple Award Schedules
CO   Change Order
COI   Certificate of Insurance
CR   Chrome River
CSLB   Contractors State License Board (aka Contractors License)
CTE   Career Technical Education
CUC   California Unified Certified
CUPCCAA   California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act
CWA   Community Workforce Agreement
DBE   Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
DGS   Department of General Services
DIR   Department of Industrial Relations
DSA   Division of State Architect
DTR   District Trip Request
DVBE   Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise
EOY   End of Year
EX   Example
FA   Financial Aid
FAIR   Facility Alternation and Improvement Request
FAR   Facility Access Request
FCD   Field Change Document
FOAP   Fund Organization Account Program (aka Account number/string)
FRSR   Facility Repair & Service Request
FS   Facilities Services
FUR   Facility Use Request
FY   Fiscal Year
HSS   Health & Safety Sciences 
IIPP   Injury and Illness Prevention Program
IMC   Instructional Multimedia Center
IR   Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning
IT   Information Technology
ITS   Information Technology Services
M&O   Maintenance and Operations
MBE   Minority-Owned Business Enterprise
MDN   Missing Document Notification
MNO   Maintenance and Operations
MSE   Math, Science, & Engineering
NOC   Notice of Completion
NSF   Non-Sufficient Funds (No Money/Budget)
NTA   Notice to Award
NTE   Not to Exceed
NTP   Notice to Proceed
OBS   Office of Business Services
OEM   Original Equipment Manufacturer
PA   Pre-Approval (Chrome River)
PAA   Project Assignment Amendment
PACS   Purchasing and Contract Services
Pay App   Payment Application
P-Card   Procurement Card (ex. Costco, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.)
PCO   Proposed Change Order
PLA   Project Labor Agreement
PO   Purchase Order
PR   Purchase Requisition
REQ   Requisition
RFB   Request for Bids
RFC   Request for Contract Form
RFCA   Request for Contract Amendment Form
RFI   Request for Information
RFP   Request for Proposals
RFQ   Request for Qualifications
RL   Rhetoric & Literacy
S&H   Shipping and Handling
SB   Senate Bill
SBS   Social & Behavioral Sciences
SCT   Student Center
SH   Sage Hall
SSB   Self Service Banner (myAVC)
SSV   Student Services & Information
T&Cs   Terms and Conditions
TR   Trip Request
TRF   Travel Reimbursement Form 
UH   Uhazy Hall
UPCCAA   Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (aka CUPCCAA)
VSBE   Very Small Business Enterprise
WASC   Accrediting Commission for Schools Western Association of Schools and Colleges
WBE   Woman-Owned Business Enterprise
Last updated: June 12, 2019