Placing Orders Without Authorization

Placing an Order Without Authorization from the Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department ensures that requested goods and services are allowable under the established California Constitution Codes and the District's Board Policies and Adm. Procedures.  Therefore, departments must obtain proper authorization from the Purchasing Department via a Purchase Order #, prior to procuring any goods or services.

Since District purchases are funded with taxpayer dollars, we must ensure proper stewardship of District funds. Fair and competitive acquisition processes are a must (See Purchasing Guidelines).  Requesters must go through the proper channels by budget checking and obtaining required approvals for all goods and services procured.  If a purchase is made without authorization from the Purchasing Department several things can occur: 

  1. Payment to the vendor will either be delayed or may not be made since the purchase was not authorized.  NOTE:  Not paying vendors in a timely manner can result in the erosion of the business reputation of this District, and the receipt of penalties/fees.  If reported to our credit agencies, the District runs the risk of a lower credit rating, which would result in additional interest expenses on current and future loans.
  2. The purchase could result in negative fiscal consequences for the District and could also be an audit finding.
  3. The warehouse will receive the merchandise, but it will not be delivered since a purchase order was not processed.
  4. The District may not be liable for the purchase and the requester placing the order may be personally liable.

Everyone has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that Board policies, procedures and CA Code are followed and that the District remains compliant.  Should you have any questions, please contact your assigned Buyer or

Last updated: October 8, 2018