Contract Services

The Board of Trustees requires Requesters to complete and submit a Request for Contract form (RFC) for transactional-related contracts, renewals, amendments or non-standard contracts review and/or negotiation to:

To begin your request, download:

  • AB 5 Checklist (revised 10/15/2020)

  • Request for Contract Form (RFC) (revised 10/19/2020) - for new contracts*

  • Request for Contract Amendment Form (RFC Amendment) (revised 10/1/2019) - for amendments to existing contracts*

         *After downloading into word, you can edit the document by either hitting "Esc" on your keyboard
           or "View" on the toolbar and then "Edit Document."

For step-by-step instructions (timelines, board communication requirements, etc.), download:

The following are boilerplates available to the District for general services (but not limited to):

Consultant Services Agreement - Per AP6370, Consultant Services are of an advisory nature, provide a recommended course of action or personal expertise, and has a product, which is basically a transmittal of information either written or verbal.

Independent Contractor Agreement - An independent contractor is not an employee and is not under the control of the District.  In general, an independent contractor is an individual with a specific skill or technical knowledge hired by means of a written agreement to perform a particular job for a designated period of time.  A District employee should not be employed as an independent contractor.  The IRS scrutinizes the returns of individuals who receive both a W-2 Form and a 1099 Form in the same calendar year from one employer.  If a District employee is hired to perform a service outside the scope of their normal duties, he/she must be paid through the payroll process. See AP6370.  NOTE: Please review additional Guidelines. Requesters will need to include a completed and approved Checklist with Contract Request form.  Click here for the Guidelines Checklist 

Professional Services Agreement - For special services and advise in financial, economic, accounting, engineering, legal or administrative matters per Cal. Gov. Code: 53060 and AP6370.  They must be specially trained, experienced and competent to perform the services required.

Performer/Lecturer Agreement  - A standard release of liability agreement. Should be used only for performers for theatrical events, musicians, Lecturers, Officials/referees of sporting events.  Used for a single or short event timeframe.

Services Agreement - Per AP6370, for the purchase or maintenance of ITS systems and equipment, telecommunication equipment, supporting software and related materials, goods and services.  Agreement includes language that covers preventative maintenance and warranty.

Last updated: April 26, 2021