FS Features: Sustainability

FS Operations is responsible for campus recycling and waste management. Managed by Allan Gold, FS Operations ensures all college waste is sorted and recycled appropriately. Recycling efforts are handled by team members Terry Boles and Jose Serrata. During the past year several initiatives to improve recycling and decrease waste management costs have been implemented. These initiatives have decreased waste management costs by nearly 60% from the past year. In addition to these savings, revenue from recycling has increased significantly to nearly $5,000 annually. Improvements for more effectively handling the campus waste stream include the installation and use of a waste compactor and a cardboard baler.

In the past year the FS Operations has handled 100 tons of waste and 75 tons of recycled materials. FS Grounds is responsible for much of the green waste recycling effort.

Campus Events handled 217.44 tons of waste material.

Recycled materials include:

  • Cardboard – 30,420 lbs.
  • Paper – 5,860 lbs.
  • Bottles & Cans – 1,168 lbs.
  • Mixed metals – 14,700 lbs.
  • Green Waste – 188,340 lbs.


Last updated: September 19, 2018