Benefits Faculty-Adjunct Employees

District Benefits: Faculty-Adjunct Employees

Benefits are only available to qualifying Faculty-Adjunct during Open Enrollment. 

The Fall 2020 Open Enrollment window is August 8, through August 25.

We are encouraging every qualified employee (**see below) to use the new online Open Enrollment Form this year. This form is a quick and easy way for you to select your benefits for the 2020/2021 benefit year. Most employees will not need to submit other documentation.

**In accordance with the terms of the collective bargaining agreement between the AVCFT and Antelope Valley College, Article IX, section The District will pay 50% of the premium for any of the health insurance programs (medical ONLY) for adjunct faculty who have no other access to medical insurance and who are working at least 6.0 LHE or the equivalent load for non-classroom adjunct faculty (40% of full-time load).

Health Plan Election Form: 

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Note: If you need to make changes to your health plan due to a qualifying event please contact Jim Firth, Human Resources Technician Benefits at ext. 6101 or



Last updated: August 11, 2020