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ITS & IMC: Staffing & Facts

As of July, 2016:

  • ITS/IMC includes 31 permanent employees working a combined 1,230 hours each week. During a typical week we address 500 - 600 requests for help, support, and network access (passwords) in our effort to provide the highest level of customer service to nearly 15,000 students and over 1,000 faculty & district employees, across three sites.
    Current Staffing:

    • Executive Director
    • Manager, Systems and Infrastructure
    • Manager, Instructional and Support Services
    • Manager, Enterprise Applications & Development
    • Project Manager
    • Clerical III
    • Clerical II (75%)
    • Technical Analyst
    • Technical Trainer
    • Webmaster
    • Telecommunications Technician
    • System Security Administrator
    • Database Administrator
    • (2) System Administrators
    • (3) Computer Lab Technicians
    • (4) Programmer, Analysts
    • (5) Computer Services Technicians
  • ITS maintains 26 phyical servers & over 155 virtual servers.
  • ITS runs 19 databases and hosts 25 websites.
  • ITS supports 18 enterprise user applications and 5 infrastructure applications that enable students success and support the district employees in their work.


  • The Information Multi-Media Center (IMC) is a strategic part of the Information Technology Services instructional support mission. IMC provides a variety of instructional services to students and faculty. Learn more about IMC services at the IMC webpage
    Current Staffing:

    • IMC Coordinator
    • Clerical III
    • Clerical II
    • (2) Audio-Visual Technicians
  • IMC features a repository of over 1,000 instructional videos from which faculty members select, require, and suggest to enable students to get a balanced, well-rounded education.
  • IMC publishes over 600 lecture podcasts each semester that are produced by faculty during regular classroom instruction.
  • IMC coordinates a large 24 seat Faculty/Staff training room equipped with dual-boot computers (MacOS & Windows7) and an 18-seat theater.
Last updated: August 4, 2016