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Student Equity

As Student Equity, our goal is to engage, connect, and value our students and their success by hosting events, implementing programs and activities that nurture, direct, and create focus in their lives both academically and socially giving them a sense of community.

These events and activities aim to provide culturally enriching opportunities to enhance litery knowledge, tolerance, historical empathy, and critical thinking.

The following documents support the college planning processes related to the Student Equity Plan.

Student Equity Reports

Have an idea to help close equity gaps?

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The Books H.E.L.P. Program 

For more information please visit:


AVC SRC Childcare Program

The AVC Student Raising Children Program provides free childcare opportunities for a limited number of students. Childcare programs are available both on and off campus. The childcare provider for your child is based on parent selection and parent choice of approved programs through CCRC. 

Click Here Intersession/Spring 2018 Waitlist


AVC Student Campus Connect Bus Pass Program


The program is funded by the AV Air Quality Management District (AVAQMD), AVC Student Equity and other categorical programs on campus, which are designed to help increase access for students. The pass is valid for 16 weeks (or for the period of intersession) on all local AVTA bus routes. Students will be required to show their AVC student ID card in addition to tapping the pass on the bus fare box when boarding. 


Click Here for Intersession/Spring 2018 AVTA Campus Connect Application

For more information regarding Student Equity programs and services, please email or call 661-722-6300 x6375

Last updated: January 30, 2018