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Matriculation Committee

In 1986 the California legislature passed AB 3, the Seymour-Campbell Matriculation bill, a student services' companion legislation to AB 1725, the major reform bill for transforming California community colleges. Later, Title V language was drafted and amended to include additional components, and assessment standards were adopted. The model and roots for Matriculation lie in EOP&S, a program that has an enduring history of creating successful retention strategies for its students.

Components of Matriculation

  • Admissions
  • Coordination
  • Orientation
  • Prerequisites, Co-requisites, Advisories
  • Assessment
  • Counseling
  • Research & Evaluation
  • Student Follow-up


Assessment Review:
LaDonna Trimble
Dean, Enrollment Services & Counseling and Matriculation

Student Success:
Committee was combined with Student Equity.