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Our Basic Needs Center offers the following Transportation Services:

A student can receive either a bus pass or gas card. 

  • Semester AVTA (Palmdale/Lancaster) Bus Pass

    • The Basic Needs Center is now part of the GoPass program through AVTA! This means that students can digitally receive their bus pass to prevent loss/theft. Students will no longer be picking up their bus pass from the Cashier, but will receive an email with instructions and an individual code. 

      • If a student is in need of their code immediately they can come to the Basic Needs Center in T-100 to receive their code in person. Otherwise, instructions and personal codes will be emailed by staff. All students qualify for a GoPass (Palmdale/Lancaster Bus Pass) for Spring 2024. You can apply through the Basic Needs application, call our office or come in person if you are in need of a Bus Pass for the Spring 2024 semester. 

    • Go Pass Activation Instructions

    • GoPass Manual 

    • GoPass FAQ

  • Semester Kern Transit Bus Pass

    • Kern Transit is currently providing free transportation for AVC students through June 2024. Show your AVC ID to the driver and hop on the bus!

    • Kern Transit

  • One time Gas Card Support

    • Our office provides a supplemental one time gas card to students who are enrolled and attending in person classes

    • We are unable to provide gas cards to students who are only participating in online classes since this supplemental service is meant to help students get to campus for their classes.

    • If a student is eligible for a one time gas card for the current semester, the amount will be determined by the zip code of their address on file with AVC. If you need to update your address please do so through your MyAVC account under "Update Addresses and Phones". 

  • Metrolink Student Adventure Pass Program - NEW October 2023


Community Transportation Resources:

AVTA Reduced Fare Eligibility

AVTA Maps & Schedules

Kern Transit Reduced Fares

Low Cost Auto Insurance

Access Transportation Services