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Faber, 722-6300 ext. 6843Information Technology Services
Interim Computer Services Technician
Fain, 722-6300 ext. 2600Language Arts
Adjunct Faculty
Falb, 722-6300 ext. 2706Technical Education
Adjunct Faculty
Farias, 722-6300Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance
Farris, Caseycfarris5@avc.edu661-722-6300Business Services
Mailroom Duplication Tech - Hourly
Feickert, 722-6300 ext. 6174Math, Science and Engineering
Ferebee, 722-6300 ext. 2270Career Technical Education/Health Sciences
Adjunct Faculty
Ferguson, 722-6300 ext. 2381Math, Science and Engineering
Adjunct Faculty
Fernandez, 722-6300 ext. 6904Cashier Office
Accounting Assistant II
Fernandez, 722-6300 ext. 6827Job Placement Center
Clerical Assistant III
Fetters, 722-6300 ext. 6209Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance
Adjunct Faculty
Fewtrell, 722-6300 ext. 2542Visual and Performing Arts
Adjunct Faculty
Fisher, 722-6300 ext. 2078Learning Center
Adjunct Faculty
Fiske, 722-6300 ext. 6834Social & Behavioral Sciences
Early Childhood Instructional Specialist
Fite, 722-6300 ext. 6196Student Development Office
Administrative Assistant
Fitzgerald, 722-6300 ext. 2218Math, Science and Engineering
Adjunct Faculty
Fleishman, 722-6300 ext. 2424Business Computer Studies and Economic Development
Adjunct Faculty
Flores, 722-6300Warehouse
Flores-Kagan, 722-6300 ext. 6018Learning Center
Foley, 722-6300 ext. 2482Math, Science and Engineering
Adjunct Faculty
Ford, 722-6300 ext. 6536Assessment
Ford, 722-6300 ext. 6266CalWorks
Program Coordinator
Forte-Parnell, 722-6300 ext. 6463Language Arts / Academic Development
Fowler, 722-6300 ext. 2508Visual and Performing Arts
Adjunct Faculty
Fowler, 722-6300 ext. 2207Math, Science and Engineering
Adjunct Faculty
Francois, 722-6300 ext. 2061Language Arts
Adjunct Faculty
Fredette, 722-6300 ext. 6921Math, Science and Engineering
Fuller, 722-6300 ext. 6290Counseling & Matriculation

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Last updated: December 9, 2015