AVC Campus Directory

Yin, Geibaogyin@avc.edu(661) 722-6300 ext. 6881Math, Science and Engineering
Lab Tech
ME 100
Yingling, Johnjyingling1@avc.edu(661) 722-6300 ext. 6785Custodial
Custodian I
Yoakum, Jamesjyoakum@avc.edu(661) 722-6300 ext. 6872Custodial
Supervisor, Custodial Services
Yorke, Callyncyorke@avc.edu(661) 722-6300 ext. 6437Math, Science and Engineering
HS 158
You, Rongryou@avc.edu(661) 722-6300 ext. 2484Math, Science and Engineering
Adjunct Faculty
Math, Science and Engineering
Youkhana, Anetayoukhana@avc.edu(661) 722-6300 ext. 6169Enrollment Services
Technical Analyst
Enrollment Services
Young, Dannydyoung@avc.edu(661) 722-6300 ext. 2141Arts and Humanities
Adjunct Faculty
Arts and Humanities
Young, Keinakyoung27@avc.edu(661) 722-6300 ext. 6991Instructional Resources & Extended Services
Administrative Assistant
Palmdale Center
Young, Stephensyoung40@avc.edu(661) 722-6300 ext. 2465Career Technical Education
Adjunct Faculty
Career Technical Education
Younus, Malikmyounus@avc.edu(661) 722-6300 ext. 2258Math, Science and Engineering
Adjunct Faculty
Math, Science and Engineering
Yule, Tammytyule@avc.edu(661) 722-6300 ext. 6257Information Technology Services
Administrative Assistant
BE 304
Last updated: September 4, 2018