AVC Leadership Academy

Photo of the Inagural AVC Leadership Academy

What is the AVC Leadership Academy?

The AVC Leadership Academy is a yearlong leadership training and education program created as an opportunity for up to 12 AVC employees and up to five student leaders to develop a broader foundational understanding of the role and operation of Antelope Valley College. The program will focus on encouraging leadership growth among AVC employees who are seeking to ascend into management roles within their constituent group or in other areas of the college. The graduating Academy class will be responsible for assisting in development of the curriculum for the following year and will participate in the selection of the new Academy members.

What does the AVC Leadership Academy include?

Those selected for the AVC Leadership Academy will participate in a sequence of seminars that will include internal and external speakers, presentations, and learning sessions. The curriculum will be based on the college mission and how it is currently accomplished. Leadership, communications, and planning strategies will be addressed and discussed within each session.

AVC Mission

"Antelope Valley College, a public institution of higher education, provides a quality, comprehensive education to a diverse population of learners. We are committed to student success offering value and opportunity, in service to our community."

Who is eligible?

The Academy will include up to five members from each of the employee groups below:

  • Full-time faculty
  • Confidential Management and Supervisory Staff
  • Classified Staff
  • Student Leaders

Note: Faculty will receive conference attendance credit for Faculty Professional Development (60 hours); Confidential Management and Supervisory Staff will be released from work for the session; and classified staff will be released for six hours from their regular workweek during the week of the academy sessions.

What is the timing and time commitment?

The Academy sessions will be held once per month on the third Friday of each month (topics outlined below) from 7:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. (breakfast and lunch may be provided). It is expected that each participant is present for every session. The program will culminate in a two-day overnight session (May 19-20).

Academy Session Topics:

  • Leadership
  • Community Role of the College
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Public Information, Marketing and Governmental Relations
  • Facilities
  • Human Resources
  • Academic Affairs and Student Services

2022-2023 – Leadership Academy Session Dates:

  • 9/16
  • 10/21
  • 11/18
  • 12/16
  • 1/20
  • 2/24
  • 3/17
  • 4/21
  • 5/19-5/20
Last updated: November 2, 2022