AVC Student ID Cards

AVC Student Identification Card

AVC requires currently enrolled students to obtain a free college ID for use of various college services including the Library, IMC, Learning Center, open computer labs, Financial Aid and other resources. Cards are available at the Student Life and Services Office (T700 E1).

To receive your Student ID card you must: 

  • Currently enrolled in classes for the current semester or term
  • Provide your Student ID number
  • Provide a picture ID such as
    • California ID
    • California Drivers License
    • Another State ID
    • Military ID
    • Current Passport
    • Bank Card with Picture and Name
    • Previous Year - High School, Junior High or Elementary ID

 It is recommended that students carry the AVC ID card at all times.  It may be requested by Security, Faculty, or staff to verify your identity.

Each student is issued one college ID at AVC.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep this ID.  Students will receive one complimentary replacement during their enrollment.  If the ID card is lost or stolen, come to the Student Life and Services Office to see if it has been turned in.  To replace a lost card, students may pay a fine to receive another card.  

  • It is nontransferable and must be presented on demand.

  • The Associated Student Organization (ASO) offers free or discounted services and 40 free black/white prints for Fall and Spring and 30 free black/white prints for Summer from any WEPA machine on campus with the purchase of a semester or term ASO sticker.

  • Misuse of this card is prohibited.

  • Report immediately all lost, stolen or damaged cards, or if found, return the card to:  AVC Student Life and Services Office, T700 E1.

  • This card is subject to a replacement fine if lost, stolen or damaged.


ASO stickers are purchased in combination with the parking pass or individually from the Cashier's office. Purchase your parking pass on myAVC, Register & Pay, My Records and Registration, Resources, Parking & Traffic Enforcement. 

Learn about the additional benefits provided by the purchase of an ASO (Associated Student Organization) Sticker.



Last updated: April 23, 2021