CalWORKs Case Management

CalWORKs Case Management

Case management is a one-on-one appointment where students can accomplish the following:

  • Review processes for our partnering businesses
  • Request assistance with any County forms
  • Have an open dicussion regarding any questions related to our program
  • Review any and all services provided by AVC CalWORKs 

Participants in the CalWORKs Program are required to make two contacts, each semester, with a CalWORKs Counselor and one point of contact with the CalWORKs Educational Advisor (a total of three points of contact per semester).  If you are a new student, needing an appointment for intake, please be sure to complete the AVC Entrance Assessment, prior to making your appointment.  

It is important that you arrive for your appointments on time.  If you are late, you may have to reschedule another appointment for a later time.

Two missed appointments without calling to cancel, will result in meeting with the Director of CalWORKs or the Dean of Counseling & Matriculation.

To make an appointment please call the CalWORKs at 661.722.6300, extension 6326, and a staff memeber will be happy to assist you.

Last updated: February 29, 2016