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Graduation Office

The Graduation Office evaluates transcripts and other educational records for the purpose of awarding degrees and certificates.

Mission Statement:

The Enrollment Services (Admissions & Records, Graduation and Transcript Departments) mission is to serve as a continuous resource for students throughout their academic experience. 

Enrollment Services serves as a resource for admissions, registration transactions, academic records and grades, athletic intercollegiate eligibility, petitions, evaluation of transcripts for the purpose of awarding degrees and certificates, enrollment verifications, and the production of a timely and accurate transcript.  Enrollment Services is committed to a positive student experience and offers a variety of accurate, efficient, and prompt services using a variety of resources and technologies.

Graduation Form

Online Graduation App lication
Printable Graduation Application

Graduation Office FAQs

  What is the difference between Commencement and Graduation?
  How is cumulative GPA different from cumulative GPA for Graduation?
  Are there any costs for applying for a diploma or certificate?
  How do I know if I'm ready to graduate?
  What is the process for Graduation?
  When do I need to complete a graduation application?
  What if I have coursework from another school or institution?
  How often are degrees and certificates awarded?
  When is the next commencement ceremony?
  Where to I get my cap and gown?
  Will my name appear in the annual Commencement brochure?
  How will my name appear on my diploma?
  When will I receive my diploma?

  Online Services FAQs

What is my initial Pasword for myAVC?
What if I forget my Username or Password to log into myAVC?
Why should I use myAVC?
Email and Announcements, why should I read them?
How do I view my Final Grades or Academic Transcript?
How do I get more information on myAVC features?


Last updated: August 19, 2015