IMC Services

IMC: IMC Services

Viewing Rooms

The IMC has four viewing rooms available. Viewing rooms are made available for instructional purposes to all individuals.

See the IMC Policy Manual for room use procedures.

Training Rooms

The IMC has two training rooms available to faculty, staff, and administrators.

BE118 is setup in a mini-theater format, the smaller, more intimate setting of the two rooms with swing-away desktop chairs. The room seats 20 and is ideal for workshops, satellite downlinks, and video conferences.

BE132 is structured for a classroom atmosphere and allows for computer use at each station. The furniture is modular and allows for a variety of classroom configurations. The room seats 24 at tables and an additional 6 chairs are available without desk access. Both rooms are equipped with a ceiling mounted LCD.

See the IMC Policy Manual for restrictions and procedure to use rooms.

Equipment Repair

The IMC offers an on-campus repair facility to repair, install and maintain instructional multimedia equipment purchased by or through the IMC.

See the IMC Policy Manual for equipment repair procedures.

Last updated: October 26, 2015