411 How to Build a Blog

411 Session - How to Build a Blog

Welcome to the 411 session on how to build a blog. We will be working together on the computer to build your blog!


  • Let's start with the basics.
    • What is a blog?
      • the word blog is derived from the term 'web log' = blog
      • Definition: a web site that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer
      • the word 'blog' can be used as a verb or a noun
      • popular themes for blogs: food, parenting, fashion, entertainment, history, politics, literature, etc.
      • blogs are often public but can also be used private means: journal, diary, etc.


  • Let's dive right in.
    • To create a blog your first have to sign up with a website that hosts blogs.
    • Pick one and begin the sign up process!


  • Now let's create our first blog.
    • Pick a template.
    • Give your blog a name.
    • Write your first post.


  • Things to remember:
    • Your writing interface is not what your blog will look like to your readers.
    • Once your blog is created you won't need to send out the address to the blog again and again. Readers use the main address of the blog and see the updated version whenever they open it.
    • Make sure you understand what the main theme of your blog is and fill it with meaningful content.
    • You can always edit, update, and delete your posts.


Last updated: August 20, 2015