Alternative Media and Text Production

Office for Students With Disabilities: Alternative Media and Text Production

OSD's Access Technology/Alternative Media Specialist has the ability to convert standard print into large print, Braille, or into electronic text.  Material must be course related and can include textbooks and class handouts.  Students requesting materials in alternative formats must own a physical copy of the textbook or other course materials or have borrowed the book from the BooksH.E.L.P. program.  A proof of purchase receipt is required when a textbook is to be dismantled and converted to a alternative format. 

The Access Technology/Alternative Media Specialist can also close caption video for deaf or hard-of-hearing students and staff.  This process can take over two weeks to accomplish, so providing enough lead time on your request is essential.

For more information regarding alternative text production, please email OSD at, or call 661.722.6300, x 6360.

To request an alternative format, complete the online request form in the Alternative Formats link within your OSD student profile.

Refer to the guidelines that apply to students who are eligible to receive text in an alternative format.

Alternative Media Program Contract (AMP)



Last updated: February 3, 2022