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Aerick Watson:

STAR: Students in the News

Each academic year the STAR program reconizes some of it's outstanding student participants who have made sufficant achievements and/or improvements. The STAR Counselor, Stephanie Mattila chose the following students to recognize this 2016 fall semester:

Aerick Watson:

Aerick has overcome obstacles to success that would have made others give up in no time flat.  Aerick was raised and attended school in Long Beach, CA. During his junior year in high school, his family was faced with great financial hardship and moved to the Antelope Valley in the hopes of finding a better life.  After learning what it would take to transition into AV schools, Aerick decided his best option would be to continue attending school in Long Beach, regardless of the transportation issues he faced. He took 3 trains and a bus just to get to school each day, leaving on the first train out of AV at 3:45 am. He then repeated the same schedule to get home to AV each night. He did his school work, studied and tried to catch up on lost sleep while making that commute each day. Not only was Aerick able to keep up with his classes, he graduated high school with (I believe) a 3.2 GPA and participated in a class trip to Beijing China. 

Here at AVC as a STAR participant, Aerick chose to study Administration of Justice and plans to transfer to CSUB in the Spring 2017 semester, to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I have no doubt that Aerick will persevere and complete his Bachelor’s degree, despite any other obstacles that may come his way. He is a fine example of a student who persevered despite obstacles many others would deem insurmountable. 

Jeffrey Jones:

Jeff just recently joined AVC ‘s STAR program, but has overcome a lot in his life time. Growing up in inner city Los Angeles, excelling in and earning a full ride college scholarship to play football at the University of Arizona, Jeff had a bright future ahead of him. Circumstances however, lead to him leaving college just shy of earning his Bachelor’s degree. After years in the work world, Jeff found himself falling into substance abuse and addiction, and living a life he wasn’t proud of. After hitting “rock bottom” Jeff found his way out of addiction with the help of friends and his belief in God. Jeff has since turned his life around and is a Psychology major at AVC. He is working toward becoming an Addiction Counselor so he can help others in the same predicament that he faced. He now surrounds himself with like-minded believers, and is working on not only improving himself but helping others as well. Jeff is an inspiration, someone who has overcome the struggles that life can present, and is constantly striving to help others who are in the same situation as he once was.  He wants to make the world a better place!


Last updated: September 20, 2016