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Associated Student Organization (ASO): Elections


Do you want to have a voice in what’s happening on campus?  Then now is the time to get involved and run for a student leader position.

Open positions include Student Trustee and all positions in the Associated Student Organization (Officers and Senate).

To run for any of these positions, students must file a letter of intent which can be found in the ASO Group Page on myAVC or at the Student Life and Activities office, SSV 180.

How to Vote

  1. Go to the avc home page
  2. Log into your myAVC account
  3. Click on Register & Pay (under course registration)
  4. Click on ASO Elections: 2017-2018
  5. VOTE

The ASO elections will be near the end of the Spring semester allowing time for the current officers to transition with the incoming officers.  The incoming officers will be sworn in once the qualifications have been met after the Spring semester grades are available.  The officers shall hold a term of one year until the end of the following Spring semester.

Voting is each Spring.

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Qualifications for holding an ASO office

1.  Be an active member of the ASO while holding office.

2.  Maintain and complete five (5) units of course work at AVC per semester.  To be seated, your Spring grades and units must be posted to your transcript.  You are required to have completed a minimum of five (5) units the spring elected with a 2.00 GPA for the semester and a culmulative GPA of a 2.00. 

3.  Must have and maintain at least a 2.00 GPA at AVC.  

4.  The Executive Board of ASO (President, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice president of Student Services, Vice President of Club Affairs, Executive Director of Public Relations, Executive Director of Special Programs, Secretary, and Treasurer) you must have completed a minimum of twelve (12) units of college level course work at AVC during the time you take office.

5.  No ASO member can hold office for more than three (3) years collectively.

6.  Students on disciplinary and/or academic probation are ineligible to run for or hold any office provided for in the Constitution of the Antelope Valley College Associated Student Organization.  

7.  Students must discuss with the Dean of Student Life and Services and/or designee the duties of the office for which one is filing a Declaration Letter of Intent.  A candidate can declare and run for only one position.

8.  If the candidate does not meet the requirements prior to the election and maintain them during the term of office, he/she must forfeit the office.  If the ineligibility occurs the next runner up will be sworn in to office.

9.  Each member of the ASO shall hold only one (1) district/campus-wide elected or appointed office at a time.    

The Election Code can be picked up in the Student Life and Activities office (SSV 180) (date to be determined). 

All elected and appointed officers are subject to the ASO Consitution and By-Laws.  Please read carefully.


Campaigning and qualification to run for office

1.  Students who meet the qualifications to run for office can begin to campaign once their candidacy is verified and all paperwork is submitted by (date to be determined) by 4:00 pm. to the Student Life and College Activities Office, SSV 180 and the student meets with the Dean of Student Life and Services or designee prior to that time.  The qualifications to run for office include a letter of intent, ten(10) current AVC student signatures on the candidacy form, and verification of the candidates's enrollment.  Only after these steps have been cleared can the candidate begin to campaign.

2.  All campaign material must be removed by 4:30 pm on (date to be determined).  No campaigning is allowed within 25 feet of an open computer lab or an official voting location.

3.  The Student Life and Services will run 100 black and white copies of a candidate's campaign flyer at no cost to the candidate only after stamped approval by the Dean of Student Life and Servies and/or designee.  There will be no color copies made.  The Student Life and Services will also run off 100 additional black and white copies of the candidate's flyer if he/she furnishes the paper.  No flyers will be reviewed for duplication after 4:00 pm on (date to be determined)

4.  The following procedures have been established for campaign material:

A.  Stamped approved poster, sign, flyers, etc. (by the Dean of Student Life and Services) (maximum size 20"x14") are not permitted to be attached to glass surfaces (on the outside or on the inside), glass doorways, not the flass dome on the south end of the Student Services Building.  Posters, signs, flyers, etc. are not permittted in the classrooms, on painted or varnished surfaces, trees, or on any light poles.Thumb tacks are acceptable for bulletin boards.  No transparent tape or staples are allowed.  The use of clear tape, nails, tacks, and other damaging objects are probhibited in the positing of campaigning material.  Masking tape is required for use to attach flyers to approved surfaces.

B.  Flyers are not permitted on car windows or in faculty mailboxes.  They may be placed on tables in the dateteria, but they may not be taped to the tables and not excedd the size of 20" x 14".

C.  Stamped approved banners (by the Dean of Student Life and Services) are limited in size to 48" by 10' long and are permitted to be posted in the cafeteria and are limited to two(2) per candidate.  Each candidate is limited to four (4) posters posted around campus.

5.  Speaking Sessions

A.  arrangements may be made by each candidate to speak to the individual clubs on campus by obtaining permission for the club and approval by the club advisor.

B.  Candidates may speak to groups of students assembled in classrooms prior to and immedicately after instruction with the instructor's approval.

6.  Handouts

Stamped approved handouts (by the Dean of Student Life and Services) are permissible, but you cannot force people to take them.

Election Dates and Procedures

1.  Election will be held from (date to be determined).  On (date to be determined) the polls will close at midnight.  Voting will be online through myAVC.

2.  All students currently enrolled in classes are eligibile to vote.

3.  A drawing will be help on (date to be determined) at 4:00 pm to determine where the candidate's name will be listed on the ballot, not necessarily alphabetically.

4.  Each candidate will be encouraged to attend the ammouncement session at 11:00 am on (date to be determined) in the Student Life and Services Office (SSV 180).

5.  All candidates including write-in candidates must receive a majority vote to win and he/she must receive at least a minimum of ten (10) votes and meet the eligibility requirements to be declared the winner of the election.

6.  All protests concerning the election must be submitted in writing no later than 11 am on (date to be determined) to the Dean of Student Life and Services and/or designee.

Special Campaign Arrangements

Any special campaign activities not mentioned in the above campaign procedures must be submittted in writing in advance for approval by the Dean of Student Life and Services and/or designee.

The Executive Council and Dean of Student Life and Services and/or designee reserve the right to extend the filing dealine for any position where there are no declarations filed or no candidate meets the qualifications for obtaining office.

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Candidates & Letters of Intent

Please read the letters of Intent for the students running for the Student Trustee and ASO officer and Senators for the (date to be determined) school year. 

Winners in the elections held (date to be determined):  online through myAVC.

Student Trustee

Candidate Statement:

  • Ayah Alzubi
    My name is Ayah Alzubi. I’m 19 years old. I’m currently a student at the AVC. I believe that we born to make change and to change. Our voice, body, face look, and our thoughts and how we see things all these things are changing every day, and this is shows that we born to change. So this is why I’m working on to be the students trustee to make changes and sure changes to the better. Since 8th grade I was a student trustee in my school. I’m a good talker and I have a voice that my parents thought me how to use it very well to achieve my goals. I can contribute because I have the hope and power inside me to run for others needs.


  • Michelle Arvizu Garcia
    In running for Student Trustee, I am pursuing the concept that representation matters. Being a young Latina woman, I feel it is essential to represent not just my community but all of those who make up the student population here at AVC. I have decided to be proactive and take action by running for this positon, as to make a change so that our students have more opportunities to grow and flourish. It is vital for us as in institution to do as much as we can to demonstrate that we here to for all our students.
  • Chelsea Williams

    No statement submitted

ASO Officers 


Candidate Statement:

  • Refugio Rodriquez Ruiz
    My name is Refugio Rodriguez I’ve had the privilege and honor to serve as your ASO Vice President of Student Services. Please allow me to express my my immense gratitude for the support and trust given by my schoolmates, administration and faculty. During my time as VPSS I was able to work and meet with amazing and inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds. Most importantly I was able to represent you. I ask for your vote today to become your 2017/18 ASO President. My goal is to keep working to make sure your voice gets heard. Together, we will take action on making Antelope Valley College a place for everyone.

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Candidate Statement:

  • No candidate filed

Vice President of Student Services

Candidate Statement:

  • Paola Rosas
    Hello my name is Paola Rosas and I am running to the position of VPSS here at AVC. I believe that I have the communication and leadership skills for the job.  I place my education on a high pedestal and I want to work hard to help other students do the same in an accommodating school environment that will help the student body strive. I met with the former VPSS and he believes that I would a good fit for the position as I hope you all do as well.
    Thanks you so much for your time.

Vice President of Club Affairs

Candidate Statement:

  • No candidate filed

Vice President of Palmdale Center

Candidate Statement:

  • No candidate filed

Executive Director of Public Relations

Candidate Statement:

  • No candidate filed

Executive Director of Special Programs

Candidate Statement:

  • Kimberly Calderone
    Hello, my name is Kimberly Calderone and I am more than excited to represent the student body at Antelope Valley College as the Executive Director of Special Programs. I have had a plethora of life experiences to be able to accurately assess the needs of disadvantaged students on our campus. Special Programs encourage academic success and assist students with needs in preventing roadblocks that could hinder academic progress. A vote for me is a vote for you, as I will do whatever it takes to bring access to special programs to AVC. Thank you for reading my statement and I hope to be able to aptly represent you all.


Candidate Statement:

  • Alexander Fudala

    Greetings Marauders, my name is Alex Fudala and I am running to be your Treasurer for the Associated Student Organization. As Treasurer, I will maintain an accurate budget on all finances to ensure proper spending and have a healthy financial state for AVC. Through collaboration with clubs, organizations, and associations I want to create successful events that will benefit the diverse students attending AVC. I have had past experience being a student leader and expressing other students’ concerns. I will use my current experience alongside any I gain during my office to be a successful Treasurer.


Candidate Statement:

  • No candidate filed

ASO Senators 

Academic Senators

Senator of Arts and Humanities

Candidate Statement:

  • Rogee Rogers
    No statement submitted

Senator of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Candidate Statement:

  • Brian Merino
    No statement submitted

Senator of Math, Science and Engineering

             Candidate Statement:

  • No candidate filed

Senator of Career Tech Ed

Candidate Statement:

  • No candidate filed

Senator of Health and Safety Sciences

Candidate Statement:

  • No candidate filed

Senator of Rhetoric and Literacy

         Candidate Statement:

  • No candidate filed       


Senator of Counseling and Matriculation

Candidate Statement:

  • No candidate filed

Senator of Enrollment Services

Candidate Statement:

  • David Lyday
    No statement submitted

Senator of Student Life and Services

Candidate Statement:

  • Sabrina E. Diaz
    No statement submitted

In order to better serve the student body, ASO officers will be required to volunteer at five ASO events per semester, serve on AVC Participatory Governance Committees, and actively participate on  ASO standing and adhoc committees.

Faculty Inspiration Award  

Please vote for one:

  • Jason Bowen
  • Katherine Engelen
  • Tino Garcia
  • Mark McGovern
  • Zia Nisani
Last updated: October 25, 2017