Student Clubs & Organizations

Student Life and Services: Student Clubs & Organizations

All registered students are eligible for membership in the clubs and organizations of their choice. Students are encouraged to form additional clubs and organizations to meet special needs or interests.  All new clubs and organizations are a part of the Inter-Club Council (ICC) after approval from the Board of Trustees.  Having a minimum of 10 students, faculty advisor and completing the necessary paperwork is all that is needed to begin.  The Student Life and Services Office assists all clubs in processing and paperwork in maintaining all the club's financial records and banking needs.

Active Clubs

Advisors:  Dr. Matthew Jaffe,, Thomas Graves,, and Dr. Mark McGovern,

‚ÄčTo develop programs offering cultural, social, or enrichment experiences as being community college students and members of the society.  To sponsor and promote seminars designed to assist members in scholastic achievement.

  • American Native Yonutenen Association

Advisors:  Matthew Jaffe,

To establish connections with tribal nations to offer volunteer services and to promote indigenous culture through workshops and events.

  • Anthropology Club

Advisors:  Dr. Darcy Wiewall,,

To gain further knowledge on the holistic perspective with a focus on the subfields:  physical, cultural, archaeology, and linguistics.

  • ASL @ AVC - American Sign Language Club

Advisors:  Maurice Boyd, and Daniel Humphrey,

To bridge the gap between the hearing students and the local Deaf community,  to foster a positive understand and perspective of the Deaf community through the practice of Deaf cultural norms and through the use of American Sign Language.

  • AVC Percussion Association

            Advisor: Gary Heaton - Smith,

To give percussionist or those interested in becoming percussionists a place to meet, have fun, do percussion related activities, and fundraise for percussion related activities.

  • AVC Skills USA

            Advisors: Joe Owens,, and Jim Landreth,

            To promote Trade, Health, Engineering, Communications, AJ, IT, and Science through team work and competition.

  • AVC Sociology 

Advisor:  Ronald Chapman,

To promote an atmosphere of learning where students and faculty collaborate in a shared passion for sociology, its theories, methods, and unique approaches.  We strive to foster a forum guided by intelligence and mutual respect for all who choose to contribute to our team.  We strive to be open to all who desire to use their  knowledge of social sciences for the benefit of society and who are dedicated to spreading an awareness of the field of sociology and the many benefits the science of human society holds all of us; both personally and collectively.

  • AVC STEM Club

Advisor:  Dr. Zia Nisani,

To facilitate the interest, education, and networking ability of STEM majors at Antelope Valley College.  To increase the visibility of the social support for STEM and educate for STEM programs at AVC.

  • AVC Yoga Club

             Advisor:  Kathy Bingham, and Susan Lowry,

To make available yogic practices on campus.  This would include but is not limited to asana practice, yogic diet and philosophy.

  • Black Student Union

Advisor:  Mike Wallace,

To enhace individual academic achievement to instill pride and self-esteem through African history and culture.  To empower positive change.

  • Cinema Club

Advisor:  Alissa Welch,

To provide an outlet for those interested in directing, filmmaking techniques, producing, writing, acting, and editing.

  • CNSA

 Advisor:  Vickie Beatty,

To enhance leadership skills in nursing students as well as teach preparatory skills for these students future career.  This includes student, organizational and communication skills.

  • Elohist

Advisor:  Sherri Zhu,, and Cindy Littlefield,

To educate our fellow students as the value of spiritual understanding and spiritual well being.  Only when we understand ourselves both physically and spiritually can we truly make a positive impact on our community.

  • Fashion & Costume Society

Advisor:  Melissa Ramiro,

To be a union of individuals dedicated to participate and contribute to the community, charities, fashion events and promote fellowship amoungst members.  To focus on fashion, costumes and the like.  To promote awareness of the Clothing and Textiles program at Antelope Valley College and to promote the indiviuals within the club.  To build a network of connections.

  • Gaming Club

             Advisor: Brian Palagallo,

To provide a community for students to join in and participate in competitive and/ or non- competitive social gatherings and events.

  • Guardian Scholars

Advisor: Laurel Johnson,, and Kathy Osburn,

To create a safe and social environment to motivate, support and help transition current and former Foster youth who are attending college and be able to provide available resources that may find beneficial to succeed in their daily educational goals.

  • Mock Trial

    Advisors:  Alberto Mendoza,, and Kenneth Lee,

    AVC Mock Trial allows students with an interest in law to gain critical thinking and public speaking skills and witness the judical process in action.

  • Photography Club

            Advisor: Lisa Karlstein,

            To help students form a connection between local photographers.

  • Pre-Law Club

             Advisor: Nancy Bednar,, Alberto Mendoza,, and Rosa Fuller,

  • Pride Advocates

             Advisor: Cole Mc Candless,

To affirm all sexual and gender identities in our community here at AVC as well as our community within the Antelope Valley.

  • Psychology Student Organization

Advisor: Fredy Aviles,

We, as students of Antelope Valley College, in order to support the academic pursuits of its member, facilitate psychology-related activities and promote learning of psychology.

  • Sistah's of Salvation

            Advisor: Sean Martin Cranley,

            Is a Sisterhood that through God and solidarity aim to transform the lives of young women of color.

  • Student Nurses Association (SNAC)

Clubs support nursing classes for graduation and pinning ceremony.

  • SNAC Fall 2017

  • SNAC Spring 2018

  • SNAC Fall 2018

  • SNAC Spring 2019

  • Theater Arts Club

Advisor: Jonet Leighton,, Eugenie Trow,, Suzanne Wakefield,, Carla Corona,

To support theatrical practitioners, create student produced work, and explore the theatrical world.

  • Veterans

Advisor:  Edward Knudson, and Monteigne Long,

To provide social groups and to help veterans adjust to and become successful in civilian and college life; to bridge the gap amongst veterans and students at AVC.



Last updated: January 10, 2018