Transfer Center: Campus Tours

Transfer Center: CAMPUS TOURS ARE BACK!!

The Transfer Center hosts field trips to and from AVC to universities for events which includes transfer open house, college fairs, and a tour of the campus. Campus tours are a great way for you to see and get acquainted with your future campus, and get vital admissions, financial aid, and bachelor program information. 

Online announcements are primarily distributed via myAVC email. Instructions are detailed in the email, and sign ups are on a first come, first serve basis. Space is limited pending the seat limitations on the AVC bus. 

For up to date listings of tours, refer to the Transfer Center calendar. For pictures from past tours, go to our Facebook page: @AVCTransferCenter

Note: You may book your own campus visit with your friends and family.  Refer to the university website for tour details.


Students on a Campus Tour Students on a Campus Tour
































Last updated: August 3, 2018