Backpacking Preparedness & Survival Course

Backpacking Preparedness & Survival Course

Whether your interest is day hiking or a two-week trek into the wilderness, this intensive one-day seminar conducted by Lee Bergthold targets backpacking/mountaineering preparation.

• The session illustrates:
The unexpectedness of the backcountry by preparing for the unexpected, ● discussing basic medical problems, ● weather and dealing with adverse elements, ● choosing the right gear and equipment, ● dealing with large and small animals in the wild, ● where not to go and what to stay away from, general safety – isolation – morale, food preparation - water sources, physical fitness.

• Films, photos, demos, handouts, etc., help to demonstrate and instruct participants in the areas covered by this seminar.

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Fee: $50 (Material fee: $10 at class)

About the Instructor

Lee Bergthold is the Founder and Director of the Center for Wilderness Studies (CWS), a Professor of Photography with the Antelope Valley College, and a lecturer and presenter. As a former survival instructor with the Marine Corp, Lee has led an adventurous life which includes lengthy cross-country bicycle and survival treks. He is credited as an outdoor photographer with permanent displays in various locations, and has photos featured in numerous publications. He is also a published author.

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Last updated: December 5, 2019