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E N G L I S H  100A


The English 100A portfolio includes one in-class exam book essay and two typed essays that have been substantially revised. The typed narrative should be a minimum of 2 ½ pages in length, while the critical essay should be a minimum of 3 ½ pages in length, not counting the Works Cited page. The portfolio will be read and scored by your instructor and another instructor in the English 100A community; a third instructor will read the portfolio if the first two scores do not match. Incomplete portfolios or portfolios with plagiarized material will not pass. Your course grade in English 100A is based solely on the results of your eligible portfolio.



Score 1


Score 2

Score 3 (Passing Portfolio)

Audience Awareness

Essays are directed to a specific (and usually academic) audience, with appropriate vocabulary and tone.

Essays typically have:

  • Language that is confusing or misused, lacking a clear audience awareness

Essays typically have:

  • Language that is vague and inconsistent, though some audience awareness is evident

Essays typically have:

  • Language that is clear and directed to a specific audience, meeting a reader’s expectations


Each essay has a clear point to it, reflected in a thesis statement that engages readers.

  • An unclear, unengaging, or disconnected thesis
  • A thesis that could be clarified or better developed
  • A generally clear, developed, and audience-aware thesis


The essays have developed paragraphs that continue long enough to make ideas clear and convincing. These ideas are supported in specific and detailed ways.

  • Overly general or inadequate support


  • General support for the thesis, sometimes with citations
  • Relevant, convincing, and (as needed) cited support for the essay’s thesis


A well-organized essay flows smoothly from one sentence to the next, from paragraph to paragraph, and from start to finish. The writer uses clear transitions and sets up quotations with signal phrases.

  • Underdeveloped or disconnected paragraphs
  • Unclear organization


  • Partially developed paragraphs or, conversely, paragraphs that are overloaded
  • Ineffective organization, even with some transitions
  • Developed paragraphs, with specific details and examples
  • Smooth, logical organization, with strong transitions

Grammatical Control

The essays have been revised, edited, and proofread to ensure that phrasing is clear, spelling is correct, and punctuation is effective.

  • Limited control over sentences
  • Too many grammar errors


  • Mostly complete sentences, despite some errors
  • Varied sentences with few grammatical errors

Academic Conventions

The essays respond to and meet all terms of the assignment, including using MLA format. In this course, papers usually are 3-4 pages in length, not counting the Works Cited.

  • Problems with academic conventions
  • Some attention to academic conventions
  • Clear attention to academic conventions, including correct use of MLA format