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Academics: Community College Pathway to Law School

Also known as Law Scholars Program

Interested In Attending Law School?

Antelope Valley College is now accepting applications for the Law Scholars program. The AVC Law Scholars program is designed to prepare community college students for admission to law school in California. Program benefits include financial aid counseling, academic advising, LSAT prep, exposure to the legal profession and other steps designed to increase the interest of community college students in law school.



Law Conference



Participating Law Schools

  • University of Southern California Gould School of Law
  • University of San Francisco School of Law
  • UC Davis School of Law
  • UC Irvine School of Law
  • Santa Clara University School of Law
  • Loyola Marymount Law School



If you are interested in participating in this program, please COMPLETE THE ONLINE APPLICATION and attend the Law Scholars Fall Orientation. You can also pick up an application in the Career/Transfer Center. 



AVC students who are interested in receiving announcements and current information about events should join the Law Scholars group page in MyAVC.

Please schedule a follow-up appointment in counseling for a Law Scholar’s educational plan by calling 661-722-6300 ext  6338 or in person at General Counseling located at SSV main lobby

Fall 2017 Orientation

Event: Fall 2017 Orientation will be held on September 20, 2017 in SSV151 Boardroom. Time TBD. Check your myAVC email for updated announcement.

The orientation will provide general information about the Law Scholars program to all new law scholars and anyone interested in learning more. Directly following the orientation, there will be a get-together in the Student Lounge. Join us this September!

Pre-Law Student Club

Law Scholars are encouraged to be a member of the Pre-Law Club. For meeting dates and membership, refer to the group Facebook page "AVC Pre-Law Club"



For more information

Rosa Fuller, Professor/Counselor

(661) 722-6300 x 6290

Dr. Nancy Bednar, Professor of Political Science

(661) 722-6300 x 6876

Dexter Cummins, Professor of Administration of Justice

(661) 722-6300 x 6558

Towana Catley, Education Advisor

(661) 722-6300 x 6873


Please visit the following websites for additional information:


Last updated: June 19, 2017