Real Estate

Career Technical Education: Real Estate

The Real Estate Program strives to serve the needs of an individual planning to enter the real estate profession and who wishes to qualify for a real estate sales or broker’s license. Also, this is an opportunity for seasoned professionals to improve their skills or work on a license renewal or upgrade. Some courses may prove useful to someone simply desiring more information about real estate transactions and how they work.

What certificates/degrees can I earn?

  • Real estate salesperson certificate
  • Real estate broker certificate
  • Associate in Science degree in real estate

What will I learn?

You will study property laws pertaining to contracts, deeds, titles, liens, escrows, leases, financing, brokerage, listings and sales. You will learn about the roles of professionals directly and indirectly related to the field of real estate, and how it applies to the specific focus you are taking in your course of study. Finance principles and appraisal techniques are covered, as well as the practice of managing income properties.

If you are also interested in transferring to a four-year institution, it is advised that you follow the business administration degree program.

What kinds of classes are offered?

Each class offered has been carefully designed to fulfill California licensing requirements for real estate sales and broker’s licenses. The instructors are recruited from local law firms, real estate companies, escrow companies and mortgage banking companies in order to provide you with an education from professionals with real-world experience.

What are possible jobs in this field?

Real estate graduates can specialize as an appraiser, developer, escrow or lending officer, mortgage banker, real estate salesperson or broker. 

Who could hire me?

Employment is dependent on state licensure. Many employers value applicants with real estate education, including banks, savings and loans offices, real estate firms, property managers, real estate bankers, title insurance companies and property developers.

What’s the average pay range for local jobs in this field?

Pay varies greatly by employer and experience.

Sounds great! How do I get more information?

Contact the Career Technical Education Division, (661) 722-6300, ext. 6327.

Last updated: March 8, 2018