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Business - BUS

The Business program offers students the opportunity to recognize and respond to changing economic conditions within the business environment that determine how goods and services are produced, distributed, and consumed in a society. Students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to work within an economic system that rewards firms for their ability to perceive and serve the needs and demands of consumers. Studies in the Business program seek to continue creating strategies that allow companies to grow and compete in today’s interactive marketplace by understanding how the private enterprise system encourages competition and innovation while preserving business ethics.


Business - BUS

Department Chair:

Kent Moser

Full Time Business Faculty

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Adjunct Business Faculty

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What certificates/degrees can I earn?

What will I learn?

You will have the opportunity to incorporate business-specific vocabulary and mathematics while learning the latest computer programs and business principles. Your studies will review laws regulating businesses as well as accounting procedures and basic business communication methods.

What kinds of classes are offered?

Many of the classes you’ll take are taught with a practical, skill-based application for the business world. Rather than passively listening to lectures, you have the opportunity to practice the techniques being taught using computers and other business-related equipment.

Courses such as Business Communications (BUS 113) and Bookkeeping (ACCT 111) allow you to create mock-ups of documents and ledgers you would encounter in the workplace.

What are possible jobs in this field?

Earning a business degree opens many doors for you in a variety of fields, including marketing, purchasing, retail, sales, customer service, accounting and entrepreneurship.

Who could hire me?

  • Banks
  • Car dealerships
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Schools and universities
  • Distribution centers
  • Law enforcement
  • Utility companies

What’s the average pay range for local jobs in this field?

Students with an Associate Degree may find jobs ranging from minimum wage to $25 per hour.