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Philosophy (PHIL)

The study of philosophy deliberately and explicitly aims to improve students’ critical thinking skills (e.g., the ability to evaluate various kinds of claims, arguments, and explanations) and disposition (e.g., fair-mindedness, open-mindedness, intellectual humility, patience, persistence, honesty, courage, empathy) while giving them the opportunity to explore and evaluate philosophically the scope and limits of logic, human knowledge, moral and aesthetic values, religions, politics, and notions of reality. Philosophy teaches many intellectual tools that apply across all the disciplines. Though the philosophy program offers few courses, together they offers students a foundation for their life-long pursuit of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.


Philosophy - PHIL

Department Chair:

Alberto Mendoza Gonzàlez Larreynaga

Full Time Philosophy Faculty

Claude Gratton smiling wearing a backpack. Claude Gratton T300-K 6488
Sherri Zhu smiling wearing a pink shirt. Sherri Zhu T300-L 6007

Adjunct Philosophy Faculty

Barbara Hogan smiling next to flowers. Barbara Hogan 2389
Alberto Mendoza Gonzalez Larreynaga smiling in a three-piece suit. Alberto Mendoza González Larreynaga 6960
Estiphan Panoussi wearing glasses and a suit. Estiphan Panoussi 2121
Howard Pressman smiling. Howard Pressman 2303
Placeholder for photo. Mark Pursley 2152
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What degrees can I earn?

Philosophy Associate Degree