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Psychology - PSY

Psychology is a natural and a social science focusing on the study of human behavior. As such, it is a broad discipline which involves both scientific method and practical application of science to matters of everyday living. Most professional level positions require a graduate degree. The Psychology program is designed to benefit both the student pursuing a career in psychology or related disciplines as well as the student desiring to acquire a personal understanding of psychology as it applies to everyday living. The program includes a variety of courses, and utilizes a number of teaching methods, including those which emphasize student participation through group and individual activity.


Psychology - PSY

Department Chair:

Duane Rumsey

Full Time Psychology Faculty

Fredy Aviles in a grey shirt. Dr. Fredy Aviles MH 234 6009
Placeholder for photo. Nouha Hallak MH 217 6955

Adjunct Psychology Faculty

Nicholas Betty smiling wearing glasses, suit and tie. Dr. Nicholas Betty 2512
Placeholder for photo. Sabrina Gutierrez 2599
Rhasheda Henry wearing a paisley jacket. Rhasheda Henry 2261
Heidi Hrowel smiling. Heidi Hrowal 2616
Placeholder for photo. Micheal Huff 2143
David Lewis wearing glasses. Dr. David Lewis 2083
Danielle McCabe smiling. Dr. Danielle McCabe 2680
Timea McLean smiling wearing sunglasses. Timea McLean 2092
Sean Mintz wearing sunglasses and a red shirt. Dr. Sean Mintz 2999
Luis Ramirez smiling, wearing a University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors baseball hat. Dr. Luis Dinamit Ramirez 2026
Placeholder for photo. Duane Rumsey 6322
Bruce Schreibfeder smiling, wearing a white shirt. Bruce Schreibfeder 2282
Harry Taylor smiling wearing sunglasses. Dr. Harry Taylor 2215
Rachel Thibault smiling. Rachel Thibault 2416
Placeholder for photo. Lydia Wallace-Leeds 2398