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Title V: AVConnect

You've reached the AVConnect page. If you lose your copy of the AVConnect journal, you may print a copy by simply clicking on the link to your right. If you are looking for a current calendar of some of the activities on campus that you might want to journal on, simply click on the calendar link (also on your right). Also, if you are taking a course online, and the instructor has required you to use the AVConnect journal and calendar as part of the course, you can print a copy of these items here at this page.

AVConnect is a campus resource for getting information on college services, activities, and events, from education advising to academic lectures to campus sports. It is identified all over the college by the ubiquitous grey journal that so many instructors have assigned to students. If you would like to talk to one of the college's AVConnect organizers, call Professor Santi Tafarella at 661.722.6300, extension 6793 or Agnes-Jose-Eguaras at 661.722.6300, extension 6357.