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Frequently Asked Questions




How do I stop the e-mail notification I keep receiving regarding ?

When a Requisition is DENIED by an approver in workflow or RESET out of workflow, an email notification is sent to the original requester to inform the requester about the denial/reset.  When this happens, requesters must go to the “Worklist” to ACKNOWLEDGE the denial/reset. The original requester will continue to receive an email notification until this step is done.

Menu:    Go, Administer Procurement, Requisition Items
              Use, Worklist, Requisition

  1. Check the Worked? checkbox to “acknowledge” that the Requisition has been denied or reset. This will stop PeopleSoft from emailing you concerning this Requisition (see picture below).
  2. Click Save.

These instructions can also be found in the PeopleSoft Requistion Guide.


Requisition Items Form

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My Requisition has passed budget check, but the send for approval icon doesn't appear.

When a change is processed on a requisition and it is re-budget checked, sometimes the status will need to be updated to allow it to be send back through for approval.  To change the status:

  1. Go to the Requisition Form tab in the Requisition Update/Display panel

    Go --> Administer Procurement --> Requisition Items

    Use --> Requisitions --> Requisition Form --> Update Display

  2. Click on the drop down arrow in the Status box and select Pending Apprvoal
  3. Save your Requisition

When you return to the Header Comments tab and press the Budget Check button, the Send for Approval button should appear.

Pending Approval Graphic

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Will PeopleSoft send the Requester an e-mail to notify them once their Requisition is approved?

An e-mail will not be sent when a Requisition is approved, but you can view the approval process through the Requisition Approval History Screen or by hitting the Search button in the Requisition Update/Display panel.

Requisition Approval History

Go --> Administer Procurement --> Requisition Items

Inquire --> District Requisition Details --> Req Approval History

Requisition History

Requisition Update/Display

Go --> Administer Procurement --> Requisition Items

Use --> Requisitions --> Requisition Form --> Update Display

Update Display

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How do I locate a Requisition if I don't know the Requisition ID #?

If you don't know your Requisition #, click the Search button when going into the Requisition Update/Display panel (see picture above).  The result will be a list of all the Requisition #'s entered for your deparment(s) with columns showing who the Requisition was entered by, the vendor, the PO # (if the Requisition's been sourced), the status, etc.

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I keep getting this error that requires me to close the panel.  How do I fix this?

Unfortunately, once you get this error the panel has to be closed.  If you find that you are getting this error often, you can try clearing your cache.  To do so, exit out of PeopleSoft and return to the webpage where you normally select the Gold PeopleSoft Pilot icon.  Select the Clear Cache icon and follow the steps on the screen (which is basically hitting a key on your keyboard when prompted).  Once complete, select the Gold PeopleSoft Pilot icon and log-in again.

LACOE Clear Cache Icon

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Do I still need to attach a quote to my requisition if it's $1,000 or greater?

No, a minimum of one quote is only required for requisitions totalling $3,000 or greater.

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How can I tell if a Requisition is cancelled?  The status show complete, but I know I cancelled it.

A requisition that is cancelled will show a "Cancelled" status the same day it was cancelled in the Requisition Update/Display Search panel.  After the system posts (which is done every night), the status will show "Complete" in the Requisition Update/Display Search panel and it will not list (or be assigned) a Purchase Order #.  An actual Complete Requisition will show a status of "Complete" in the Requisition Update/Display Search panel, but it will also list a Purchase Order #.

Cancelled Requisition  (No Assigned PO)

Update Requisition

Complete Requisition (Assigned PO)

Complete Requisition

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Last updated: September 20, 2018