Current Capital Outlay Projects

The following represents the Facilities Services Master Project List of Capital Outlay Projects are currently in progress as of: February 12, 2020.

For more contractor information on the projects listed below, please visit our vendor portal and current bid opportunities

17-002 Final Project Proposal - Gymnasium Renovation State Review Budget Approval
17-009 Fox Field Improvements COMPLETE
17-030 Swing Space Phase 1 Close-Out
17-031 Sage Hall Construction
17-037 Student Services Building (Demo LS1-LS2-OF3/Rel. T100) Construction
17-038 Ave. J-12 Main Entry Construction
17-039 Discovery Lab (Career Technology Education Building) (Rel. T503-T504) Construction
17-040 AVC Pavilion Project (Campus Security Building/Demo T800) (Tennis Courts/ Construction (Security ONLY)
  Adap. PE Pool/Demo Tennis Courts/AVC Pavilion/Sand VB Courts CANCELED)  
17-041 Marauder Complex Construction
17-042 Project General Conditions & Logistics On-Going
17-043 AT&T Baseball Stadium Cell Tower & Lighting COMPLETE
18-021 Cedar Hall (Instructional Building 2-Demo SSV) Design
18-003 The Commons (Demo TE1-TE2-SS-ME-OF2) Design
18-010 Waste & Recycling Center Renovation (17-005 rev.) COMPLETE
18-011 Swing Space Phase 2 (LC, FA4 and/or Mod Bldgs) Bidding
18-012 Palmdale Center Technology Facility COMPLETE
18-017 Campus Signage Replacement COMPLETE
20-003 CSUB & University Center (Demo CSUB Bldgs) CANCELED
20-005 BE Building, Classroom Modernization Design
20-006 Bookstore Remodel Cancelled
20-007 Flooring Replacement, APL Building COMPLETE
20-008 B2 Replica Repairs ON HOLD
20-009 Fine Arts HVAC Replacement ON HOLD
20-010 Campus Flooring Replacement Phase 2 COMPLETE
20-011 OBS & Risk Management Office Modernizations COMPLETE
20-012 Fox Field Hangar Improvements COMPLETE
20-014 Palmdale Property Survey and Maintenance COMPLETE
20-015 Tmobile Cell Tower Maintenance Upgrades COMPLETE
21-001 Renaming Campus Buildings +B181:B201 ON HOLD
21-002 Parking Lots - Asphalt repair/Replacement ON HOLD
21-003 Campus Electronic Lock Upgrades ON HOLD
21-004 Campus Perimeter Security Gates ON HOLD
21-005 Campus Elevator (3) Modernization ON HOLD
21-006 Campus Fire Alarm Upgrade - EST Campus Standard ON HOLD
21-007 Fine Arts Buildings Code Compliance & Modernization ON HOLD
21-008 ADA Campus Wide Improvements ON HOLD
21-009 BE Building Flooring Replacement ON HOLD
21-010 Lecture Hall Building Code Compliance & Modernization ON HOLD
21-011 CDC Building Upgrades & Roof Replacement ON HOLD
21-012 Boiler Replacements (TE7 & FA) ON HOLD
21-013 Library Roof Repairs ON HOLD
22-001 Instructional Building 3 (Demo FA Bldgs.) CANCELED
Last updated: February 10, 2021