FS Features: Renovation

FS Maintenance has been repairing and renovating the Student Services Building for several months. Maintenance team members Bryan Dunlap and Joe Ingrassi have spent a good part of their year making repairs and upgrades to the Student Services Building. They have been assisted by other Facilities Services departments and team members including Felipe Leal, Fanny Carey, Allan Gold, Terry Boles, Ernie Broaden, Michael Maher, Daryl Duszynski, Yvonne Harvey, Pete Soos, Anthony Snedeker, Paul Smethurst, Scott Tami, Roy Alexander, Ed Villarreal and Robert Stanton. The team has painted walls and doors, patched walls, replaced ceiling tiles, sealed windows and walls, cleaned carpet, sealed floors, deep cleaned rooms and ceiling plenums, improved drainage and addressed landscaping issues. Nearly $5,500 of materials has been used in this project. During the upcoming winter break a project to replace the corridor flooring is being planned. Due to the service oriented nature of the Student Services Building it has been challenging to limit the disruptions to daily activities. The cooperation from the Student Services staff has been extraordinary and the Facilities Services team has done an outstanding job. Thank you Bryan and Joe, job well done!


Last updated: December 19, 2017