HVAC Services & Room Temperature

HVAC services are provided by the FS Maintenance department and include the maintenance and servicing of a variety of heating and cooling systems in buildings. It is the responsibility of the department to control the comfort levels and air quality of the campus buildings. Information from the FS Energy Management System identifies trouble spots and potential problems for resolution by the HVAC technicians.

Room Temperature Guidelines

The temperature in all campus buildings is regulated in accordance with AVC’s established energy conservation measures. These energy conservation measures were developed in conjunction with Chevron Energy Services engineers to provide optimal energy savings all year round. Some buildings are presently controlled locally while other buildings are controlled by the central EMS control system. Upgrades are currently being planned for the campus EMS controls. Facilities Services currently is adhering to the following temperature guidelines:

  • All controlled facilities are heated to 68 degrees in the winter and cooled to 76 degrees in the summer when occupied.

To request service from FS Maintenance for assessing temperature control issues, submit a Facilities Repair & Service Request via the Facilities Services Work Request system.


Last updated: September 19, 2018