Keys and Access Control Services

Access control, including keys and proximity card credentials, of district facilities is managed by the FS Maintenance department. Due to the safety and liability issues related to having access to college facilities it is essential to have proper controls for protecting the districts assets and the people who are on our campus. The district policy for access control is defined in Administrative Policy 3501. See AP3501

To acquire a key or proximity card access, a district Facility Access Request must be completed, approved and submitted via the FS Work Request System. For assistance with this process contact your Division/Department office.

Use these links to locate a Facility Access Request form and instructions on how to complete and submit the form:

Access for Adjunct Faculty and other part time employees is assessed each June for the following fiscal year. FS Maintenance is responsible for coordinating with each Division/Department to determine employee access requirements for the next fiscal year.

Facility Access Requests should be submitted no sooner than five weeks prior to the need date for access.

Electronic Lock System

In the past couple of years an electronic lock system has been implemented campus wide. The system is designed to enhance security and safety measures of the campus. As with any system change and improvement there are numerous procedural, training and maintenance aspects to address. Presently, a team of faculty, staff and managers are developing process and procedural improvements for this system in an effort to develop optimal levels of security and functionality. Results of this team effort will be provided upon completion.

Repair and Service Support

Issues involving locks, door hardware, access programming issues, lost or broken keys and other access control related issues are addressed by submitting a Facility Repair and Service Request via the FS Work Request System. For additional information select: REPAIR AND SERVICE REQUEST


Last updated: September 19, 2018