Student Equity Committee: Representatives

Dr. Erin Vines, Vice President of Student Services
Dr. Jill Zimmerman, Student Life Dean
Rashall Hightower-Stickel, Student Equity Director (chair)
Crystal Garcia, Student Equity Program Specialist
Leyla Barber, Student Equity Clerical III
Morenike Adebayo-Ige, Rhetoric and Literacy Faculty
Jason Bowen, Math and Sciences Faculty
Snizhana Jane Bowers, Math and Sciences Faculty
Jamaal Brown, CalWorks Technical Analyst
Carla Corona, Arts and Humanities Adjunct Faculty
Marisela Corona, CalWorks Technician I
Dr. DeNean Coleman-Carew, Counseling and Matriculation Counselor
Scott Covell,  Rhetoric and Literacy Faculty
Franky Curiel, EOPS Director
Dr. Svetlana Deplazes, Research Analyst
Kimbirly Dolatowski, ASO Representative
Amaka Donn, Social and Behavioral Sciences Adjunt Faculty
Dr. Irit Gat, Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty
Vanessa Gibson, Financial Aid Specialist
Kristal Ibrahim, Counseling and Matriculation Adjunct Faculty
Vejea Jennings,  Rhetoric and Literacy Faculty
Dr. Louis Lucero, Office of Students with Disabilities Director
Karen Lubick, Academic Development Faculty Chair
Yuliana Martinez, Financial Aid Technical Analyst
Tina McDermott,  Rhetoric and Literacy Faculty Accreditation Coordinator
Audrey Moore, Counseling and Matriculation Counselor
Brian Palagallo,  Rhetoric and Literacy Faculty
Tamira Palmetto Despain, Office for Student with Disabilities Specialist
Michael Rios, Kinesiology and Athletics Counselor and Faculty
Gary Roggenstein, Counseling and Matriculation Dean
Wade Saari, Assessment Coordinator
May Sanicolas, Counseling and Matriculation Counselor
Dr. Bonnie Suderman, Vice President of Academic Affairs
LaDonna Trimble, Enrollment Services Dean
Dr. Les Uhazy, Math and Sciences Dean
Dr. Sherri Zhu, Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty
Last updated: September 14, 2016