Health Background
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Department of Health Education - Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Health Education is to provide a curriculum where students apply the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently lead a healthy and active life and become lifelong practitioners of healthy lifestyles.

Department of Health Education Faculty

Name Email Extension Type
Mark Cruz 6444 Full Time
Charles Gordon Jr. 6602 Full Time
James (Barry) Green 6202 Full Time
Perry Jehlicka 6387 Full Time
Dr. Bryan Moses 6180 Full Time
John Taylor 6686 Full Time
Cindy Vargas 6708 Full Time
Timothy Atkerson 2287 Adjunct
George Fetters 6206 Adjunct
John Livermont 6180 Adjunct
Carrie Miller 2266 Adjunct
Daniel Reid (Jackson)   Adjunct
Anthony (Tony) Veney 6903 Adjunct
Hosie Ward   Adjunct
Justin Webb 6203 Adjunct