Campus walkway with banners

The Antelope Valley College Student-Athlete Advisory Council (AVCSAAC) is made up of two players from each athletic team. The duties of the committee would include: creating athletic events that will help bond students on campus; engaging the college community so that mutual appreciation exists for all constituencies on campus, including student-athletes; planning and partaking in community service and engagement opportunities for all students.

Functions of this AVC Student-Athlete Advisory Council:

1). Promote communications between athletic administrators and student-athletes;

2). AVCSAAC is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive working environment where we value and develop student-athletes of all backgrounds and experiences. We firmly believe collaboration among team members with varied pasts and perspectives generates more inclusive and deeper insights that better serve our AVC community;

3). Provide feedback and insight into athletic department issues;

4). Create an environment that promotes accountability by setting and accomplishing goals for individuals, teams, and as an organization;

5). Generate a student-athlete voice within the athletic department during policy formation;

6). Build a sense of community and family within the athletic program involving all teams;

7). Organize community service efforts;

8). Hard work, honesty, and teamwork will be the foundation for growth of one's individual self, team, and organization;

9). Promote a positive student-athlete image on campus.

Members of the AVCSAAC agree to respect not only themselves, but the entire Marauder community, as well as our competitors; they will promote unity and trust by collaborating with all teams, coaches and students as they commit to serving and representing the athletic department and AVC.