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Foster Care Education

New schedule of trainings & registration coming soon!

(661- 722-6500)

Our college provides the following:

Specialized Care Increment (SCI) initial training - 12 hrs.

SCI Specialized classes - 4 hrs. each

RFA, SCI, W renewal classes 


When a child is placed in your home, you will begin receiving a monthly stipend to cover the cost of care for that child. Learn more about resource family funding and other financial assistance at:…

How many hours of RFA are required for renewal? 8 hrs every year

What type of training is required for the SCI? Will D- and F-Rate certifications be grandfathered in?

  • Initial SCI approvals require 16 hours of Resource Parent training (12 hours of a foundational curriculum - SCI Certification, plus four additional hours of a specialized course: Importance of Documentation or Caring for A Child/Youth with Healthcare & Other Special Needs.
  • Six hours of specialized training, chosen by the Resource Parent, are required for annual recertification each year thereafter.
  • For existing D- and F-Rate caregivers who have already participated in the basic D- or F-Rate foundational training, six hours of additional courses will be required when their annual assessments come due.

The classes are currently offered via Zoom and in order to receive credit hours, participants must adhere to the following:

Participants’ identity will be verified

Participants must attend the entire training

Participants’ video must be on with your presence in view during the entire training 

Participants will be dismissed from the training without credit for the following behaviors: 

Disorderly, lewd, indecent, or obscene conduct

Habitual profanity or vulgarity

Obstruction or disruption of teaching

Defiance or refusal to adhere to directions

Important Information: Please allow 3-5 workdays to receive a certificate. Our trainers do not issue certificates. The roster goes back to the FKCE office and after necessary verification, the class attendance will be input into the FKCE database and you will be issued a certificate and/or a transcript. 

All classes are eligible for RFA, W, and SCI renewals.

(Classes are offered via Zoom. Registration link will open 2 weeks prior to the class start date.)



August 2024

All classes are eligible for RFA, W, and SCI renewals

Schedule and registration coming soon.