Student Computer Loan Program

AVC's Student Computer Loan Program was established to support students who lack off-campus computing resources during the rapid shift to online instruction. The extraordinary success of our efforts this Spring have led to an expansion of the program to support Summer & Fall 2020 students.

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) units for the Fall term to borrow a device.

To qualify, you must be an enrolled student in Fall 2020, with a minimum of six units. If Fall is your last term with AVC, the computer is due back December 5th.

We have Chromebooks, which are an ideal, very light weight solution for online learning that link directly to your account, Gmail, Google Drive, and the Google Online Suite of applications.

Wi-Fi Hotspots are also available.

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Questions & Answers

To be eligible, you must be a student enrolled at AVC with a minimum of six (6) units during the Fall 2020 Term. Enrollment will be verified before you are notified about how to pick up your loaned computer.

No, you can apply directly. Click the link above and follow the directions. Please be sure to provide all information requested.



Yes, if you do borrowed a computer during Spring 2020 or a computer for the Summer 2020, and enroll in Fall with a minimum of six (6) units, you’ll be permitted to continue using the device until December 5, 2020, when the Fall Semester ends.


If you are continuing into Fall, with a minimum of six (6) units, it will be due back December 5, 2020.


No, this is a loan of college equipment. When you pick up the device you’ll sign a form stating you accept the valuation of the computer as we’ve assessed it, and that you will return the device on or before the due date, in the same condition, or a hold will be placed on your account for the assessed value. We need these devices back to continue supporting students.


The Laptop to Learn program uses older refreshed computers and since this Computer Loan program has started there are no refreshed computers, therefore the program has been revamped into the new Computer Loan Program.


Last updated: August 4, 2020