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Tentative Plan for Return to Campus (March 3, 2021)

As you have likely read or seen in the news, the COVID-19 situation is vastly improving across LA County and the state. Over the past month, positivity rates for the COVID virus have been dropping dramatically. Through February 28, the 7-day average was 3.2% in LA County. Also, over half the total population has been tested.

Further, it was announced that the Governor and legislature have agreed to the terms of legislation to reopen elementary schools beginning April 2021. Some elementary schools or programs within school districts have reopened over the past two weeks. Our student athletic competitions resumed last Friday, February 26. I am certain you share in my optimism for the continued positive trends we are seeing.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, community colleges across the state have suffered significant reductions in enrollment for a variety of reasons. Here at AVC, we are no different and our continued decrease in enrollment has been alarming and discouraging. We have taken many steps to provide the best experience for our students, but there certainly is nothing that replaces the experience of being on campus and in the classroom.

Given the positive trends we are seeing and the need to serve our students as completely as possible in the upcoming terms, we have been working out the details of a plan to phase-in the return of all staff and students to campus. The goal of this plan is to slowly re-populate the campus over the remainder of Spring semester and Summer session, and be fully reopened at the beginning of Fall semester.

Throughout the transition of this plan, all safety protocols that we have implemented since the early days of the pandemic, will continue to be followed. Currently, the college has available the necessary personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies and cleaning schedules, plexiglass shields in needed locations, ventilation maintenance schedules, pre-screening surveys for attending campus, required signage and spacing signage, as well as tracking and tracing protocols.

The elements of the tentative plan are as follows:

  • All administrators and managers will transition their return to campus on Monday, March 15.
  • Classified staff will return to campus with staggered schedules beginning Monday, March 15. [In collaboration with the collective bargaining unit] Classified staff whose work cannot be done remotely have been working on campus since March 2020.
  • All managers and staff will be fully on campus beginning with Summer session, Monday, May 17.
  • Instruction for Summer session will be a blended (hybrid) model.
  • Opening Day for Fall semester will be (in-person) Friday, August 13.
  • Fall semester classes will return to our standard instruction delivery methods beginning on Monday August 16. [In collaboration with the collective bargaining units]
  • If there is a medical reason that prevents return to campus for classes we have outfitted all of our classrooms with smart technology and Zoom capacity so students need not miss any class if they feel ill.

This plan is designed to slowly repopulate the campus so that we can ensure all safety measures are in place, construction issues can be addressed, and the timing allows for the COVID-19 vaccine to be more broadly available to those who want to receive it. As of yesterday, March 1, the vaccine is being made available, by appointment, to all who work in education it is important to note that there will be no requirement to be vaccinated to return to campus. For students, we do not have direct information on the availability of the vaccine, but please refer to the college website and the COVID 19 tab for additional resources. Another link to follow for the latest in LA County is

As we roll out the plan, we will communicate to the entire community more specific details, with step-by-step methods for the return to campus. It has been a tough year for all of us. Returning to our pre-COVID work and study routines will take some time, hence the reason for this phase-in approach. However, returning to the campus will be good for morale, good for the health and success of students, and strengthen our service to our community.

Please take good care.

We continue to closely monitor and assess the ever-changing COVID-19 situation and we are working diligently to ensure that our campus is aligned with the guidelines put forth by State and County public health officials.

It is important to "Do Your Part" and to familiarize yourself with our COVID-19 Guides before you come to campus, and review them often as information may change. We also will continue to provide periodic updates via email.

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Last updated: April 13, 2021