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Assessment without Testing!

Based on statewide research and newly enacted AB 705 legislation, students will now have the opportunity to begin English and math courses at the college level.

What does this mean?

For New, Returning and
Continuing Students


Examples where High School Data Does Not Apply

If you either completed the 11th grade or graduated from a United States high school within the past 10 years, we can now use your high school performance to qualify you for college-level English and math courses. Recent statewide research shows that your high school GPA is one of the strongest predictors of future performance in college courses.  

~ Graduated high school more than 10 years ago
~ Did not graduate from a US high school
~ Special Admit
~ Received a GED
~ Left high school before completing 11th grade

If one of these apply, please see a Counselor for further guidance.













Are there any Exemptions?

You may not have to complete the assessment if you are transferring college-level English or math course work or perhaps you completed other acceptable alternatives (e.g., AP, EAP, ERWC, SMAP, etc.). Make sure to check our full list of Assessment Exemptions and Alternatives.

NEW English Placement Using HS Multiple Measures

We now import your self-reported high school information from your application to place you into your English course. This automatically occurs once you complete the Online Orientation.

In order to receive your English placement, make sure to login to your MyAVC account and complete the Online Orientation. Refer to your application confirmation email with instructions about how to access your MyAVC. To review your English placement after completing the Online Orientation:

  1. Log into MyAVC
  2. Select the "Student Success Tab"
  3. Review your course placement message under "Matriculation"

NEW Math Placement Using HS Multiple Measures

Your math placement will depend on your self-reported major along with additional high school performance information. The process to receive your Math course placement will require that you complete the Directed Self-Placement for Math.

Directed Self-Placement (DSP)


Complete the MATH DSP to receive your math course placement.

  English placements automatically occur when you complete the Online Orientation. Only complete the ENGLISH DSP if you have taken the Orientation but did not receive your English Placement Message in the Matriculation Channel located in the Student Success Tab of your MyAVC account.

Requires AVC Student ID and AVC Gmail account.

  English DSP

Requires AVC Student ID and AVC Gmail account.

Need Help?

Give us a call or come by the Assessment Center during our office hours to receive hands on assistance. We have computers that you may use to complete the Orientation and/or Directed Self-Placements.

Last updated: November 14, 2018