Counseling: Matriculation

Counseling: Matriculation

What is Matriculation?

Matriculation: Student Success and Support Program is the process which brings the college and a student who enrolls for credit into an agreement for the purpose of developing and realizing the student’s educational objectives. This agreement acknowledges responsibilities of both parties to enable students to attain their objectives efficiently through the college’s established programs, policies and requirements. Matriculation is a process designed to help students be successful in reaching their educational goals. All students, except those exempted on the basis of locally established criteria are required to complete.

Matriculation Components: (after applying for admission)

  1. Assessment
  2. Orientation
  3. Counseling/Advisement


Who must participate?

New, non-exempt students, must use the Matriculation services to receive priority registration.

The completion of the Matriculation services will not affect the order of priority registration for Special Admittance students (eligible for Open Registration only). (Special Admittance students may still participate in the matriculation services).


May I get an exemption from any of the steps of the Matriculation process?

Yes. You may be exempt from the Assessment Test or the Orientation if you have been awarded an associate degree or a higher-level degree from an accredited college or university. Proof of the degree must be submitted to the Counseling Office. Please check with the Counseling Office for additional information.

You may also be exempt if you are a Special Admittance student.


I am a concurrently enrolled high school student. Do I have to take the assessment test?

Yes. It is very important that counselors are able to assess your reading, writing, and math skills even if you may not be taking any English or Math courses. Many of our college courses require a good deal of reading and writing and even mathematical reasoning. Counselors need to know your skill levels before they can verify a pre-requisite or recommend courses for you to take.


Service Steps for the Matriculation/Student Success and Support Program 

The student must first submit an application for admission to the college.

  1. Assessment - The student takes the English, Reading and Mathematics assessment tests, subsequently a counselor uses the student's declared major and goal, test results and other criteria to help the student select appropriate English, Reading, Mathematics, and other appropriate courses.
  2. Orientation - The student is provided with information on a variety of academic programs, policies and procedures. Students are encouraged to attend a Student Success Workshop (SSW) in person to learn about support services and receives assistance in understanding the selection and scheduling of classes. Sign-ups available at The Welcome Center.
  3. Counseling/Advisement - The student receives advise in selecting courses and is provided information regarding transfers, certificates and degree programs, majors and career planning. Educational Plan - The student and counselor develop an educational plan for their course of study.

Abbreviated Education Plans are provided to all new students who complete the Assessment in accordance to the declared major, goal, and assessment scores. The Abbreviated Education Plan is sent to each student via their private AVC Gmail account. Express Counseling is available to all students receiving an Abbreviated Plan at the Counseling Center at all hours of operation, no appointment needed.

Comprehensive Education Plans are provided to all enrolled students after the “last day to add” on their first term of enrollment or any time after. Students need to have identified a major, a goal, and possibly a transfer institution if transferring. Counselors can assist with decision making. 


Last updated: April 18, 2018