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Learning Center: Time Management

One of the keys to a successful college career is to have good time management. By definition, time management is the effective selection of the best task from all those available, and completing it to the best of your ability. Making the right choices about how you spend your time is the most important decision for you to make. The big pay-off is that you can have control of your life. Getting control starts with planning. The following page is devoted to assisting you with planning your time schedule for college.

Unlike the formal structure of a high school schedule, a college schedule can be unstructured. You and you alone control the schedule you choose. Many sections of the same class are offered at various times of the day. It is possible to arrange your schedule so that you attend school on select days of the week. In other words, it is not mandatory for you to go to school Monday through Friday.

Because of all the flexibility involved in your college schedule, it is important to include other aspects of your life in your planning such as working, family commitments and recreational activities. In fact, you are encouraged to take into consideration all aspects of your life when planning your college class schedule.

To ease some of the confusion you might be experiencing, we have designed a sample schedule for you. It includes class time, study time, work time and leisure time. Note that the student taking 13 units has arranged 24 hours of study time. Note also that the student works 20 hours per week. Please refer to the following recommended guidelines to determine your work load.

If you work Take no more than
40 hours per week 6 units
30 hours per week 9 units
20 hours per week 12 units
5 - 15 hours per week 14 - 16 units
Below are other suggested guidelines to help you:
Athletic Eligibility Take at least
12 units
Veterans Benefits Take at least
Full-time pay 12 units
Three-fourths pay 9 units
One-half pay 6 units
Full-Time Student Status Take at least
12 units


Last updated: October 26, 2015