Student Equity Cranium Café

Welcome to Antelope Valley College's Online Student Equity Department  


Cranium Cafe is a web-based service that uses webcam and audio to supplement the in-person counseling experience.  With a full-service, online appointment, it allows students to connect with staff.  Online CHAT is also available for students to ask quick, general, Student Equity questions.  

Cranium Cafe Basic Instructions:

  • Video Meeting Requirements:
    • Use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer which has Chrome or Firefox as your web browser (Chrome is preferred)
  • Shut down all other webpages for a faster connection
  • Have a microphone and webcam activated
  • Test your webcam and audio prior to the meeting here
  • Please review appropriate Netiquette (screen reader version
  • If the Informed Consent Box is not fully visible, please your browsers zoom function for a smaller setting.    

How to initiate a Walk-in / Express virtual counseling:

Step 1: Click the “Knock on Door” button on the staff member's Cafe card

Step 2: Current students should login with your student ID and prospective student can create an account through the login page

Step 3: Wait for the pop-up chat window to appear to start the session

Step 4: Click on the Enter Meeting or Enter Lobby button within the chatbox


Student Equity Staff

Rashall Hightower-Stickel, Director, Student Equity

Crystal Garcia, M.S., Program Specialist

Ty Steans, Program Specialist

Desireé Lee, Program Specialist

Last updated: May 22, 2020