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Welcome to Human Resources: Salary Schedule & Ranges

Compensation Philosophy
Antelope Valley Community College District

It is the intention and philosophy of the Board of Trustees of the Antelope Valley Community College District to compensate all of its employees fairly and based upon objective, comparative data and review.  This philosophy is based upon a comprehensive compensation package of elements to include base salary, health and welfare benefits, and leave day allotments.

This philosophy is intended to maintain total compensation at the 50th percentile, or median, of a reference, comparative data. It is the Board’s consideration that it will have met its goal and philosophy if the total compensation of its employees is within a variance about the median of plus four percent and minus two percent [+4% median -2%] of the reference comparative data.

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Full-Time Faculty Schedules

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Adjunct/Overload Schedules

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Administrative Schedule

Classified Schedule

Confidential/Management/Supervisory Schedule

Professional Experts Schedule