Rhetoric & Literacy and Academic Development: English

What can you do with an English degree? Almost anything.


Majoring in English can allow you to choose nearly any career path or enter any college you may decide to attend. Not only are there plenty of jobs specifically for English majors such as editor, writer, teacher, journalist, and web content manager, there are also job opportunities in other fields such as criminal justice, law, business, marketing, and public relations, to name a few.


Faculty and staff in our English department are innovative and diverse, offering students a wide range of academic interests and experiences. Our faculty specialties include creative writing publications, pedagogical research, and literature that spans the globe. Classes offered comprise of several levels of composition, creative and technical writing, survey and genre studies, Shakespeare, science fiction, and ethnic literature, such as African American, Latinx, and Native American literature courses.

Courses are offered in traditional (face-to-face) and online formats, scheduled at various times, day and night, to accommodate students’ busy schedules. Classes are taught at both the Palmdale and Lancaster campuses, providing a choice of location to help students complete their academic goals. Honors sections and Honors Options are available each semester.

Program Requirements


Composition courses help develop students’ writing skills for academic writing, but just as importantly, for the job market. Students are encouraged to take required English courses early in their academic experience to gain a solid foundation for all other college courses. Composition courses teach essential skills such as critical thinking, organization, research, documentation, and academic conventions. AVC offers composition courses for students who are here to complete a transfer degree, a certificate program, or just to improve their writing skills



Literature courses provide students with an understanding of language and culture and develop critical reading and thinking skills. Our literature classes are vigorous and intense, often discussion-based and focused on transmitting core literary theories and encouraging provocative thought. Ranging from survey courses to specialized courses, a variety of course options are offered that will appeal to all interests.


Creative Writing

AVC offers a robust and intensive creative writing sequence, with each course aimed at helping entry-level writers find a voice, navigate the pleasures and expectations of genre, and become able to move from invention to revision to publication. Previous AVC students have won grants, published books, and been accepted into the top writing programs in the country. Many of the teaching staff are award-winning writers themselves, and our workshop-based approach is enhanced by guest speakers and nationally-famous visiting writers.


If you have any questions about the English degree or program, please contact the department chair:

Kathryn Mitchell


661-722-6300, ext. 6554




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Last updated: December 5, 2018