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History - HIST

A comprehensive introductory history program is offered at Antelope Valley College. Besides World Civilization, Western Civilization, and early and modern American Histories, there are also several specialized fields available to choose from: Vietnam to Iraq; History of the American West; African American History; Women in American History; Cultural History of Mexico; History of California; and the History of Latin America and the Caribbean. These courses cover a wide range of subjects and time periods, and clearly there is something to satisfy everyone’s interest.

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History - HIST

Department Chair:

Alberto Mendoza Gonzàlez Larreynaga

Full Time History Faculty

Matthew Jaffe in a suit and tie. Dr. Matthew Jaffe mjaffe@avc.edu MH 223 6487
Cynthia Lehman smiling. Dr. Cynthia Lehman clehman@avc.edu MH 216 6489
Maria Espinoza-Schrock smiling with her hand on her chin. Maria Espinoza-Schrock mespinozascherock@avc.edu MH 215 6999
Ken Shafer smiling wearing a shirt and tie. Dr. Kenneth Shafer  kshafer2@avc.edu MH 214 6906

Adjunct History Faculty

Sarah Burns smiling, wearing a blue and white striped scarf. Sarah Burns sburns10@avc.edu 2167
Richard Dyke smiling wearing glasses. Dr. Richard Dyke rdyke@avc.edu 2373
John Frykenberg in a red shirt. John Frykenberg jfrykenberg@avc.edu 2068
David Lewis smiling with his hair in the wind. Dr. David Lewis dlewis60@avc.edu 2386
Todd Menzing smiling. Todd Menzing tmenzing@avc.edu 2283
Placeholder for photo. Janet Robin jrobin@avc.edu 2199
Placeholder for photo. Dr. Daniel Roland droland1@avc.edu 2066
Placeholder for photo. Jonathan Saxon jsaxon1@avc.edu 2023
Denise Smith smiling. Denise Smith dsmith213@avc.edu 2039
Placeholder for photo. Quinn Smith qsmith@avc.edu 2027
Tomasz Stanek smiling wearing a backpack. Dr. Tomasz Stanek  tstanek@avc.edu 2276
Noah Stepro smiling and looking to the right. Noah Stepro nstepro@avc.edu 2418